Ronnie Sensei is a Roku Dan (6th degree blackbelt) who trained in Isshinryu under Master A. J. Avincula.                                                                                         

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Ronnie Brasher Sensei's Bio


  • Internationally Certified Roku Dan (6th Degree Black Belt)


    Born on March 9, 1949, and raised in Lake Providence, Louisiana.  I graduated high school in 1967 and after college, I went to work for AT&T in 1972.  After a couple of years in West Monroe, Louisiana, I moved to Shreveport.  There I started Isshinryu karate in January of 1975 under John Lloyd at the the Dixie National Karate Studio in Bossier City, Louisiana.  In August of 1980 I was promoted to Sho Dan. 


    By the nature of my work with AT&T, I moved around the south quite a bit.  In 1981, I moved to Mandeville, LA (right outside of New Orleans).  I opened a dojo at a fitness center in Madisonville and ran it for the three years we were there.


    In 1984, my job took me to Memphis, TN.  There I found a student of Master A.J. Advincula's named Steve Valdez.  Steve was in the Navy and stationed at Millington NAS.  He had an Isshinryu dojo there on base that I helped him run until I left in 1990.  On 05-12-83 I received my Ni Dan. 


    At the Isshinryu Karate-Do Associationís 1987 seminar and black belt testing I received my San Dan.  That association was lead by William L. "Bill" Pogue.  At that seminar and black belt test, several notable black belts were in attendance.  Masters A.J. Advincula, Allen Wheeler, and Kenneth Pittaway Ö they all participated in the testing that year.


    In 1990, my job took me to Birmingham, AL.  I had a home based dojo while in Birmingham. The basement of my house was unfinished and perfect for 6-8 people to train in.   


    In 1995, I moved to Atlanta, GA.  What a blessing and surprise to find my sensei (John Lloyd) living only a few miles from me.  I attended his classes and assisted in teaching while there.  On 11-11-95, I was promoted to Yo Dan.  I was only in Atlanta for two years, but it was great to be that close to my sensei. 


    In 1997, I moved to Dallas, TX.  At that time, I became acquainted with Clay Robbins and his sensei, Master Sherman Harrill.  I spent quite a bit of time with Mr. Robbins and Mr. Harrill over the next few years.  This included several seminars taught by Master Harrill and a couple of Carson, Iowa trips to spend the week and train with Master Harrill at his dojo.


    I retired from AT&T in December of 1998 and moved back to Shreveport, LA in August of 1999.  There I taught in Harvey Kennedy's dojo for three years.  In 2000 I received my Go Dan. 


    In July of 2002, I moved to Cabot, AR ... just outside of Little Rock.  I ran into an old Isshinryu friend, Bobby Holley, who has a dojo in Conway, AR ... just a few miles from my home.  I am presently there assisting him with the Isshinryu classes.  I received my Roku Dan on 11-08-03.


    In January of 2004 I celebrated the completion of my 30th year in Isshinryu. 




    Timeline for

    Ronnie H. Brasher


    01/01/1975 - Started Isshinryu in Bossier City at Dixie National Karate Studios w / John Lloyd


    12/31/1979 - Completed 5 years in Isshinryu


    08/4/1980 - Shodan promotion by Gary Lloyd, Mark Clark, Jim Harbour


    05/12/1983 - Ni dan promotion by Harvey Kennedy & Jim Harbour


    12/31/1984 - completed 10 years in Isshinryu


    11/21/1987 - San Dan promotion by Bill Pogue, Harvey Kennedy, Larry Dreher, Ken Green,

                        Tony Giardina, Ken Richardson


                        Board certification by A.J. Advincula, Kenneth Pittaway, Alan Wheeler, Bill Pogue,

                        Harvey Kennedy, Larry Dreher


    12/31/1994 - completed 20 years in Isshinryu


    11/11/1995 - Yo Dan promotion and board certification test by Bill Pogue, John Lloyd,

                         Harvey Kennedy, Clay Robbins, Phillip Worbingtion, Ken Richardson


    12/31/1999 - completed 25 years in Isshinryu


    11/11/2000 - Go Dan promotion and board certification by Ed Johnson, Bill Pogue, John Lloyd,

                           Harvey Kennedy, Larry Dreher, Phillip Worbington, Jimmy Christensen and           Clay Robbins


    11/8/2003 - Roku dan by IKA board Bill Pogue, Larry Dreher, Harvey Kennedy,

                      John Lloyd, Phillip Worbington


    12/31/2004 - completed 30 years in Isshinryu



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