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On behalf of the members of Conway Karate,


Congratulations Karateka


on beginning your journey and adventure to Black Belt excellence. We would like to take this special opportunity and “Thank You” for putting your trust in us and taking your first step in achieving Black Belt Excellence.  This is truly an exciting time for the both of us.


“Welcome to the most exciting adventure on earth, achieving the goal of the coveted Black Belt”. This is not an easy task, however it is an obtainable and very self-rewarding one. Look at how many people you know in your daily walk in life that have achieved his/her Black Belt, not very many. This is a special achievement that not everyone has or can achieve. Only very special people (like you) with very special work ethics and commitment can do so.

Black Belt News
Although wearing the Black Belt can't happen over night, maintaining a Black Belt attitude is essential to earning the belt.


We will have a lot to say about this as you begin your training.












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