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Getting Started In The Martial Arts


Getting started is very easy - decide that you want to achieve a tremendous goal - to become a Black Belt.


Reaching this goal is not easy. Most don't get there. Why? Focus. As with any thing that you achieve in life, you must want this badly enough to focus on the goal.


Once you have attained this focus, you will find that the training and the martial way are very fulfilling. This becomes a way of life. Each belt is a step along the journey - not an end to the journey. You've heard the expression "life's a journey, enjoy the ride." That is exactly what we do - we enjoy the ride. Difficult as it is, the daily reward is undeniable.


As the saying goes..." a journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step." So does your journey to the coveted title of Black Belt begin with that first step - that first step in the the Dojo (our school).


Good luck  - we hope to see you in our Dojo.


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